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Music and Art Are Instrumental

While putting a recent batch of paintings away I decided to take time and revisit the ever growing collection from my art journey. I was struck by how quickly some images are very personally thought provoking. For most all of them I can recall everything from the atmosphere surrounding the time they were painted to the exact colors I used and music I played to do them.

I started with the largest notebooks that are packed full of band paintings as those are my springboard. They represent much more than the obvious. I still revert to doing these same faces when I need something comfortable to do. It reinforces my motto that music and art are instrumental.

My love for concert images is evident in my other work as well. I am drawn to shadows (haha), highlights and passions. Having gone for so long saying I would never paint faces, it is amusing that there are an enormous amount of recognizable people in my other books as well. Every picture tells a story...even the one’s that aren’t in the book with that title.

I’ve attempted to keep all the portfolio paintings progressive by size: adding more as I do them. It is interesting to see improvement and the growth that I don’t even realize is happening. Part of me wants to slide an explanation or title these collections of paintings. The other part of me finds it unnecessary. It would also be very time consuming.

I have joked before about needing a gallery for all my art and how easily I could fill one. It isn’t a lie. It is a fun day dream but the truth is that I find it comforting to have my mounds of notebooks tucked away nearby. They are kind of like my ribbons that are hanging by my table. They aren’t there as an arrogant display but rather a reminder to the young me that you can do it. Keep going.

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