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With A Little Help From My Friends

When asked about when I began painting I revert back to how, for as far back as I can remember, I aspired to be as good as my brother and that, as a teenager, him telling me that I did good on my first painting was all it took for me to want to do more. In turn, my dad offering up his old oils paints and brushes and my mom allowing me to inhabit a good portion of the kitchen table to explore that avenue were instrumental in allowing me freedom to create.

It was years of only painting here and there before I accidentally let someone know that I enjoyed trying to be artistic and in turn she asked for portraits of her dogs. Her assurance and belief in what I was doing kept me believing I was doing okay and quietly (and sporadically) seeking my art ambitions.

The circumstances that led to my current art endeavors would require a whole other story and one I may never tell in all honesty. I will just summarize for the sake of this blog by saying it was negative surroundings and discouragement that turned into self encouragement that turned into remembering what makes me happy.

As time goes by art jams are becoming one of my favorite jams. I am in no way a teacher of art but I am an encourager and an opportunist. I love having my dining room table full of paint, paper, brushes; listening to the music, laughs and chatters of friends and family scattered around it. Interestingly I sometimes spend less time at an art jam doing an art project myself and more time just absorbing the atmosphere.

I have toyed with the idea of hosting kids-only art jams because if it weren’t for the encouragement and access to art early on, I would have never taken the time to explore my own potential. It only seems fitting to offer up some paint and a spot at my table to those of us who wonder what we can do with it.

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09 nov. 2020

If Ryn is here when you decide to do art with kids she would love it!

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